Welcome to Brand X7 where you will experience a life that the new world has come to offer us. A series of Natural Disasters lead to Earths apocalyptic demise. However like a phoenix from the ashes we are finally breaking through the dust to see the fierce fiesta sunlight. To rebuild as one our once seven continents have found a new born innate togetherness never seen before. As a unit we are working towards the best version of planetary oneness and regrowth this galaxy has ever seen.
The smog has lifted and left behind are gentle serenity skies and fluffy rose quartz clouds.

Thank you to everyone who made our Year End show a success!
Special thanks to ONLYONEGALLERY5 Brock Ave, Toronto

 The story of BrandX7 is not a story of hardship, survival, and humanities imminent conclusion. This is a story of unwavering strength, perseverance, and a thirst for an absolute earth re-birth. Travel with us to see what the continents have to offer. Through the over growth and vegetation you will notice that fashion is thriving and New World trends are more innovative and unique than ever before.Brand X7 has lived through it all and resourcefulness is our greatest skill.
What is old is now new, and we invite you to see the New World Exposed.

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