The highest mountains, the deepest jungles and the longest dessert lands cover the chameleon continent of Asia. Diversity in landscape translates perfectly in the diversity of the people. Each geographical foot has faced apocalyptic tragedy in a variety of treacherous and unique ways. Evidence of regrowth can be seen in the surrounding environment, healthy greens are rising and the climate has returned to its natural moderate state. The turmoil is all in the past now and after months of lonely travel two strangers, from separate worlds entirely, have met in a small bazaar amongst the continents ruins. Observing that elegance and finesse has not been lost in the textiles brought forth by the continent. Fabrics are as beautiful in texture and quality as ever. Bright fiesta reds weaved through deep snorkel blues compliment neutral lilac greys and iced coffee beiges beautifully. The bazaar is rich in luscious materials that bring positivity and vibrancy to patrons. Revitalizing the distressed world of all its sorrow through arts and fabrics helps survivors have hope for the future. Asia will not rest until it restores all the beauty and soul the New World can handle.