South America

The beauty in their surroundings has inspired South America to have no hesitation when plunging into the fashion scene. Starting anew without forgetting past hardships this tribe offers a beautiful vision on positive events to come. Rebuilding a planet is opportunity for a blank canvas and South America wants to cover that canvas in gorgeous botanical prints and feather textures! Overgrown with lush, thick jungle this continent believes in using their natural resources to take the fashion world by storm. Residual military inspiration from prior apocalyptic adversity has had its effects on the current trends. Battle-gear influenced design has helped South America in creating functional appearance in fashion without the need for actual military use. The world needs to move on from the past and rise up through the ashes with bright and beautiful visions of the future. Snorkel blue textiles paired with limpet shell, fiesta and buttercup accents symbolize the bright future ahead. These bright and bold colours create a dazzling vibe for the people to expose their skills and eye for design. This continent is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to exposing the new world to what they have to offer. The future is bright, and so is the radiant paradise South America has become.