Antarctica is a beautiful and vast frozen tundra. The glacier white landscapes appear infinite. Snow and ice is tinted gorgeous rose quartz and serenity hues from the reflections of the Northern Lights. Word of post-apocalyptic survival has yet to reach the continents scarce remains of a population. Before things went a wry in the world, research into the Great North’s natural and viable resources was in full effect. While the Earth was in turmoil the researchers were quarantined to their icy camps until word of safety reached them. Some young fashionable scientists found themselves researching the living patterns of a new and interesting species of fish. Although confined to life in a polar atmosphere, fashion has not sunk to the waistline. Clothing made of a variety of luscious textures made staying warm and trendy effortless. Cool hues reflective of the environment translate into current trends. Northern sunsets have inspired Rose Quartz textiles with complimentary cool Serenity tones. Waiting to hear from the rest of the world may seem like a dull task but these ladies are feeling fabulous cooling off in the icicle paradise of Antarctica.