In the heat of the African sun, wanderers can find solace and strength in a new diverse community. The continent is now under the reign of a powerful King. Peace and inclusivity are top priority in the New World and all are welcome to join this warrior tribe. The resilience amongst the Earths people is credited to each continent’s unique strengths having unified under the collective title Brand X7. The people of Africa have access to the most fierce and durable textiles. Creating functioning and trendy clothing for survivors, thrivers, and warriors, is easy with their extensive knowledge of local materials. Beautiful distinguished trends contain bright fiesta reds, muted ice coffee undertones and bold animal prints. This continent has created armor that is more than just fashionable. Using resilient textiles and resources such as metals and animal hyde the armor is durable and strong. With their distinguished and functional design execution this tribe can arm the whole world with versatile, resilient, and trendy clothing. Africa is ready for exposure to whatever elements the universe throws them next.