Through the gorgeous thick coral reef, warm and wild Australia is blooming. Forever looking forward to a new and fresh future, Australians will never settle under the title of simple survivors. Strong navigators of the elements, these people hardly flinched when the apocalypse fell upon them. They have come out on top and their environment is more beautiful than ever. Embracing the surrounding natural elements people are utilizing the fertile and fruitful lands to their advantage. A gorgeous balance of land and water leave this isolated tribe with a dazzling living and breathing colour pallet. Embracing the old with the new, a resurrection of native Australian dot art has surfaced. Weaving pure whites through deep snorkel blues communicates a pure energy with the fluidity of a salt-water tide. The marriage of earth and water is clear through the movement of the corals shape. A fresh outlook on the future of the New World is communicated through the seamless unity of earth and water. Music is an important cultural element for the people of Australia. Playful tunes swim out of the didgeridoo helping this continent playfully, yet skillfully leap into the New World.