Down the once bustling cobblestone streets of Europe a small fruit market has opened its doors. The tiny vendor has become a central hub for worldly communication. Gathering its bearings after the tumultuous apocalypse, Old Europe is becoming new. The fruit stand symbolizes a bigger picture, a vision for what the future of this beautiful continent has to offer. Underneath the overgrowth in vegetation pops bright fiesta red tapestry with a rainbow of ripe and juicy fruits below. Symbolizing the bright and resilient people of Europe rising up through the dust and dirt, surpassing their prior victories and flourishing. As always Europe has remained a trendsetting continent, through crafty resourcefulness the people have been able to stay on trend all the while reflecting their beautiful surroundings. Europe is an innovative leader, guiding the way to rebuild the economy. The New World is all about peace and unity. A decision to vanquish the coin has been made. Returning to the roots of sale through trading of goods will maintain peace on earth. Unique and interesting café tables and chairs are arranged for passersby to utilize as a meeting location. Rebuilding the world is not a small job and a safe setting for the exchange of important information is futile. The central location of the beautiful continent is perfect for gathering and delivering worldwide messages of hope for the current rebirth of the earth. Remnants of old country are a comforting reminder for the people to continue towards modern and innovative growth but to always stay humble. Innovative and striking Europe is leading the way to a bold and beautiful New World that welcomes everyone.