North America

Deep down beneath the abandoned city streets a strong underground society has formed in North America. Resourcefulness is the key to this city and the community is highly knowledgeable in the art of repurposing items. All traces of technology have become overgrown with thick green vegetation. However the people of North America have found a new, more relevant use for these past luxury items. Old rundown subway trains have become high functioning pods for important meetings amongst the current community leaders. This is an area of continuous development and growth. Having survived the turmoil of the apocalypse, this society is militant in its fight for survival and has all the means to become resettled in the new world. Hits of green flash, and fiesta red are found in brilliant and bright street art. The graffiti paints a positive energy in this dark iced coffee coloured world. North America started as an underground city climbing up through the sidewalk cracks like a healthy vine reaching for the sunlight. Now it is bursting through the concrete exposing the world to the most breathtaking masterpiece yet.